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The Black Dog T-Shirt Design Contest!


The Black Dog T-Shirt Design Contest is back!

Put on your creativity caps and come up with a design for the bestest Black Dog t-shirt ever!
















Please submit your design by email to admin@blackdog.ca.

The winning design will be printed on t-shirts and will be available for purchase at The Black Dog.

Feel free to copy the Black Dog logo below for use in your design.


The winner will receive a $50. Black Dog gift card, two items with their design printed on it and the respect and

admiration of their peers!*

*respect and admiration not guaranteed.


Use of the Black Dog logo is not a requirement of the design contest.

Artwork may be designed for dark or light coloured shirts.

You may submit more than one design.

Artwork should be a high resolution graphic suitable for reproduction using a silk screening process.



The winner will be selected by the Black Dog staff. The Black Dog logo is property of The Black Dog Freehouse and may not be used for any purpose other than for this contest. All artwork submitted becomes property of the Black Dog Freehouse. By submitting artwork for this competition you agree to the terms and conditions.



Click on the picture for a

downloadable image.



Check back soon for more contests and prizes!